Conflict, Memory, and Memorialisation: War and European Culture in the Twentieth Century 17-18 July

Conflict, Memory, and Memorialisation:
War and European Culture in the Twentieth Century

Provisional Programme
17 July 2010
Session I
11.00 Nalini Ghuman (Mills College, USA)
John Foulds’s A World Requiem: ‘A Cenotaph in Sound’
11.30 Rachel Cowgill (Liverpool Hope University)
Sounding the Peace: Music for Armistice Day on the BBC 1927-1938
12.00 Chris Scheer (Utah State University, USA; Leverhulme Research Fellow, Liverpool Hope University)
Aesthetic Discordance in the Post-War Dialogue of Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams
12.30 Kate Kennedy (Cambridge University)
‘A tribute to my brother’: Literature, Music and its Post-War Ghosts
Session II:
1.45 Laura Watson (National University of Ireland at Maynooth)
Re-Imagining the Conflict: Catholicism, Jewishness and French Opera in the 1920s
2.15 László Kürti (Institute of Political Science, University of Miskolc, Hungary)
Cultures of Patriotism, Self and the Enemy: Visual and Literary Experiences of Soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War I
2.45 Andrew Frayn (University of Manchester)
Social Remembering and the ‘Disenchanted’ Response to the First World War, 1922-30
Session III:
3.45 David Taylor (University of Huddersfield)
Recollecting the Great War: Will the Real Patrick MacGill Please Stand Up?
4.15 Terry Phillips (Liverpool Hope University)
The Long Shadow: Remembering the Somme in Northern Ireland
4.45 Thomas Cauvin (European University Institute, Italy)
Remembering the Wars in Irish Museums, 1966-2006: 1916 - from the Rebellion to the Battle of the Somme?
6.00 Jay Winter (Yale University, USA)
Keynote lecture: War and the Social Construction of Silence

18 July 2010
Session IV:
9.00 Joe Kerr (Royal College of Art)
Lenin’s Bust: Memorialising the Second World War
9.30 Fabien Bellat (Université Paris X, France)
European War Memorials from Verdun to Stalingrad: Political Uses of Architecture in Defining Mass-Death Myths
10.00 Lynn Hilditch (Liverpool Hope University)
BELIEVE IT! Lee Miller’s World-War-Two Photographs as ‘Modern Memorials’
10.30 Janet Watson (University of Connecticut, USA)
Exhibiting the Nation: The Imperial War Museum and World War II Commemoration
Session V:
11.30 Claire Launchbury (Royal Holloway)
Music, Poetry, Propaganda: Transmitting French Cultural Memory at the BBC during the Second World War
12.00 Alexandros Charkiolakis (Music Library of Greece ‘Lillian Voudouri’)
The Greek Case: Alekos Xenos and his Symphony of Resistance
12.30 Tonje Haugland Sørensen (University of Bergen, Norway)
Remembering a Different Norway: Re-Enactment and Commemoration in the Norwegian War Film
Session VI:
1.45 M.J. Grant (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany)
Music, Memory and the Legitimisation of Violence: Some Working Hypotheses
2.15 Guy Tourlamain (Liverpool Hope University)
Memories of War and Radical Right-Wing Responses to Post-War West Germany between 1945 and 1960
2.45 Elaine Kelly (University of Edinburgh)
Re-remembering German Fascism: Counter-Memories of the Third Reich in East-German Music
Session VII:
3.45 Emiliano Perra (University of Bristol)
The Holocaust as a European Memory in Italian Television from the 1960s to the Present
4.15 Tomas Sniegon (University of Lund, Sweden)
Schindler’s List comes to Schindler’s Homeland: Oskar Schindler as a Problem of Czech Historical Culture
Session VIII:
5.00 Tim Cole (University of Bristol)
Erasing and Uncovering Memory in Post-War and Post-Communist Eastern Europe
5.30 Roundtable and future directions

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies
Hope Park Campus
Liverpool Hope University
Taggart Avenue Liverpool, L16 9JD, UK


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