Greek (Hi)stories through the Lens Conference 8 -11 June 2011, King’s College London

Greek (Hi)stories through the Lens Conference
8 -11 June 2011, King’s College London
Safra Lecture Theatre Provisional Programme

Wednesday 8 June

15.30-17.00: Place and Material Culture (1)
Katerina Zacharia
(Loyola Marymount University)
Postcards from Greece: The Uses of Antiquity in Early Tourist Photographic Depictions
Frederick Bohrer (Hood College)
Doors to the Past: W. J. Stillman (and Freud) on the Acropolis
Yannis Hamilakis (University of Southampton) & Fotis Ifantidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
The Photographic and the Archaeological: The Other Acropolis

17.15-18.30: Keynote lecture
John Stathatos (Independent)
The Three-Way Mirror: Photography as Recorder, Mirror and Model of Greek National Identity

Thursday 9 June

09.30-11.00: Place and Material Culture (2)
Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw (University of Bath) & Fay Stevens (University College London)
The Girl and the Pithos: Archaeology, Photography and People in Knossos in the Early 1900s
Artemis Leontis & Lauren Talalay (University of Michigan)
Kelsey-Swain Expeditions to Monasteries in the Aegean, 1920-24
Penelope Papailias (University of Thessaly)
Projecting Places: “Greece” as Backdrop in Migrant Photos

11.15-13.00: Gazing through Selfhood and Otherness
Aliki Tsirgialou (Benaki Museum)
Photographing Greece in the Nineteenth Century
Heather Grossman (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Photographing the Present, Constructed with the Past: The Photographic Mediation of Modernisation in Nineteenth-Century Greece
Yannis Papadopoulos (Panteion University)
Transatlantic Networks and Middle-Eastern Traces: Snapshots from the Life of the Muratoglu Family
Kostas Ioannidis (University of Ioannina) & Eleni Mouzakiti (Independent)
Greece through the Stereoscope: Constituting Spectatorship through Texts and Images

14.30-16.00: Intermedialities (1): Postcards and the Press
Zacharenia Simandiraki (Historical Archives of Crete)
Cretan Independence (1898-1913) through the Postcards of Chania
Emmanuel Seiragakis (University of Crete)
Restoring the Interwar Stage through the Lens
Mathilde Pyrli (Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive)
Dimitri Papadimos, 1950-1970: Images of a Vanishing Greece through the Illustrated Press

16.15-18.00: Intermedialities (2): Literature and Film
Theodoros Chiotis (University of Oxford)
Archaeology of refraction: temporality and subject in George Seferis’ photographs
Eleni Papargyriou (King’s College London)
Textual Contexts of Consumption: Greek Literary Photo-Books
Yannis Skopeteas (University of the Aegean)
Filming Photographs:  The Adventures of Photographic Pictures in Greek Fiction Films
Erato Basea (University of Oxford)
The Spectacle of Makronissos. On the Role of Photography in Helias Giannakakis and Evi Karambatsou’s  Makronissos (2008)

18.15-19.30: Keynote lecture
Eduardo Cadava (Princeton University)
A Land of Light and Shadows: Modern Greek Literature and Photography

Friday 10 June

09.30-11.15: Photography as Propaganda
Gregory Paschalidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Ambiguous Ambassadors: Photography and Greek Cultural Diplomacy
Nathalie Patricia Soursos (University of Vienna)
Photography and Dictatorship: The Cases of Ioannis Metaxas in Greece and Mussolini in Italy
Kostis Kornetis (Brown University)
Photography in Times of Dictatorship: The Case of Greece under the Colonels (1967-74)
Eleni Kouki (University of Athens)
War Photographs Re-Used: An Approach to the Photographic Collection of the Memorial Museum of the Battle of Sarantaporon in Elassona

11.45-13.30: War, Testimonies and Narratives (1)
Constantina Vassalou (Panteion University)
The Cretan Question and the Greco-Turkish War of 1897 through the Stereoscope Lens of J. Jarvis
Georgios Giannakopoulos (Queen Mary College)
Frames of the Greco-Turkish War in Anatolia (1919-1922): A.J Toynbee’s Testimony
Alice James (Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania)
Asia Minor Refugees: Photographs and Memory
Fani Constantinou (Benaki Museum)
Turning the Camera on Children during the German Occupation and the Civil War: Silences and Narrations

15.00-16.45: War, Testimonies and Narratives (2)
Elena Mamoulaki (National Technical University of Athens)
The Formation of Collective Memory through Photographs: Memories of Civil War Exile on a Greek Island
Tassoula Vervenioti (Hellenic Open University)
The Detainees of the Greek Civil War (1947-52): The Photographs of the Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross
Laurie Kain Hart (Haverford College)
Photographic Representations and the Recuperation of Life after Civil War
Barbara Dawn Smith (Independent)
Refugee Photographers: Snapshots of a Camp

17.15-18.30: Keynote lecture
Ludmila Jordanova (King’s College London)
Photographic Relationships: Historians and Photography
Saturday 11 June (Council Room)

11.00-12.45: Authorship and Cultural Politics
Iro Katsaridou (Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki)
Photography and the Youth: Greece’s Cultural Policy in the 1980s
Vangelis Ioakeimidis (Thessaloniki Museum of Photography)
Authorial Approaches of the Current Greek Photographic Scene: Conditions and Prerequisites
Christopher Marinos (University of Thessaly)
“Life in the Woods”: The Photographs of Thanassis Totsikas
Katerina Kralova (Charles University, Prague)
Greece in the Pictures of Josef Koudelka

14.30-16.00: Imagining Communities (1): Producing Locales
Costis Antoniadis (Technical University, Athens)
A 140-year Panorama of Photography from the Mount Athos Photographic Archive
Konstantinos Kalatzis (University College London)
Visualising Highland Crete: Photography, Power and Imagination in Sphakia, Crete   
Roland Moore (Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation)
Depicting Tradition in Arachova: Photographic Reflexivity

16.15-17.45: Imagining Communities (2): Diaspora and Nostalgia
Nicholas Pappas (University of New South Wales)
An Island and Its Diaspora: Memory, Familial Bonds and the Role of Photography, 1900-1943
Rodanthi Tzanelli (University of Leeds)
Spectacular Recovery and Memory Trade in Old Thessaloniki
Margaret Kenna (Swansea University)
From “Here and Now” to “Then and There”: Reflections on Fieldwork Photography in the Nineteen-Sixties

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